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inkydeep – the origins of the name and the inkydeep icon: our brand offer is immediately identifiable from our icon which shows the origins of a wave from the inkydeep oceans. 

The name, the icon and concept, what inkydeep is, are anchored on the origins of surfing and waves, and the surfing experience.

It is from the inkydeep oceans that ocean swells originate. These swells travel for hundreds if not thousands of miles bringing us waves.

The parallel wave forms of our icon symbolise the life cycle of ocean waves: from the creation of an ocean swell through to the wave energy being expelled as breaking waves on a distant shore.

inkydeep – our name: always one word, always in lower case, never hyphenated, the ā€œiā€ is always in lower case.

The inkydeep icon, logo text, ‘However you ride waves we have a shared passion’ and ‘Stoke fuelled products’ are all trademarks of inkydeep 2009 – 2020.