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Beach clean

Giving something back and protecting what we love, a core value of inkydeep. I run and coordinate the Fistral Beach Clean group and until March of this year we had run a beach clean every month since October 2010, no beach clean had been cancelled. We’ve turned out in all sorts of horrible weather but…

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Logo origins

inkydeep is about origins; of surfing and of waves, the logo symbolises the origins of waves and a graphical representation of what inkydeep means to me. The parallel wave forms of the icon symbolise the life cycle of ocean waves; from the creation of ocean swells from the inky deep oceans through to that wave…

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The Life of Ply

The Life of Ply is a short surf film from 2008 which features Dorothy and Peter Long. From YouTube; “Awarded ‘Most inspirational film’ at Cornwall film festival’s Board Shorts event by Mark Kermode. A short tale of enduring stoke catalysed by prone surfing on a ply board”  Features the music of ‘The Loose Salute’, amongst…

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